Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yahoo to come out with a Bigger Better Search Page???

The reason why Google is NUMBER 1 in searches is the RESULTS. There abillity to pull the BEST RESULTS out of billions of websites. Look at there home page, built for one thing.
Thankfully Google has NOT changed what they do BEST.  As they add new products some great, others not so, Google Search is the BEST SEARCH.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Laptop Screen goes dark when pulled from power

If it's an Intel board make sure the Intel Graphics Media Accelerater is installed. If it is then Go to the power settings Tab and UNCHECK the Intel Automatic Display Brightness. Now unplug it Power . it Works Fine.

If it's NOT installed go to

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

world series tickets thursday rays phillies

i've got some world series tickets, lower box. call if interested 727-217-0891

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SCUMMY RUSSIA Spamming Americans

The Virus/Spyware Antivirus 2009 is being spammed in through this IP: this is registered to RUSSIA. Those SCUMMY Russians, living in the 19th Century. Big Stupid Bullies. Not bright in the head. Juriy S. Nikolaev is the stupid one. We can Take Russia right out of the internet if they continue to spam, steal and create other internet problems.

Our Federal Government must not put up with Russia and there 19th century brains.

Hopefully Google gets over there STUPID Word Verification


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Warning to All Businesses that use PAYPAL

It appears that Businesses using PayPal are being targeted by the fraudsters. Because of PayPal’s LACK OF PROTECTION, YOU the small businessman will be the loser. Client comes in, you do the work, and give the product, and customer either uses a stolen card or claims they never received it.

Be Warned. I was losing $350 a month to these scamsters. The Police are NO help so it’s up to you. Anybody STUPID enough to use PayPal, should get used to money being yanked out of there account.

I Fired PayPal in March of 2008, PayPal contacts my company in June and states a credit card charge had been reversed because of a stolen credit card on January 6, 2008. Over 6 months and PayPal was after that money. Never notified us so we could settle the dispute. PayPal has turned out to be the SCUMIEST COMPANY I’ve ever delt with, similar to AOL of the 90’s.

The States Attorneys MUST be taking pay offs from PayPal JUST as they did with AOL. Google PayPal, millions of COMPLAINTS. I hired an Attorney and I’ll update you as I proceed against the 2000’s scumbag company PAYPAL.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

FREE Tampa Bay Devil Rays Sports Illustrated DeskTop FREE From Abacus Computer Repair St. Pete

Devil Rays Sports Illustrated (May 2008 Comic Magizine Cover) Desk Top For Vista or Windows XP FREE from Abacus Computer Repair St. Pete/Tampa

To make a Devil Rays Sports Illustrated Desktop First go to this site:

Download the Cover and save to your Documents (Go to the File Tab, then "Save As" to your computers folders c: drive) (Remember where you saved it, very important). Next just right click your desktop away from any icons and go to personalize. Go to the Desktop BackGround and open the folder where you saved the file. Next check the “Stretch” option (or the picture on the left). This Works for Vista.

For Windows XP its easier. Just download the picture from:

Open the picture, Right Click and designate it as your desk top. Close the Picture, then Right Click on just the desktop. Go to the Desktop tab, change the position setting on your right to stretch. Pretty Cool. Write me with Questions:

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Failure- Security Options All Vistas

Getting the Vista FREEZE? Black screen of Microsoft? Taking hours to uninstall programs?Looks like CA Anti Virus maybe the culprit. Started getting the Freeze of screen, very slow running etc. On a brand new Install with Vista Ultimate, the CA kept showing up as a possible suspect Different Blogs listed CA as running at the time of problem). It may not be exclusive to CA. Best Bet 1) Uninstall your anti virus and reboot 2) try the Control-Alt-Delete, If the screen goes to the option screen and not black you've fixed it.

Avast is keeping up with CA and we'll test it at Abacus Computer Repair. Don't forget to visit

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